Event logistics

moltis has thirteen years of commercial experience in organising events including finding and booking sites, handling player tickets and information, organising volunteers, and more.

Primarily working with Conflict Resolution LARP with regards their No Rest for the Wicked LARP campaign. The moltis team has booked every site used for No Rest for the Wicked as well as coordinating the player and crew bookings, organising catering, creating and hiring props, and other necessities for the event.

As well as pre-event services, moltis has also provided at-event services as well. The provision of on-site computers and printers on a private network for event organisers is but one service on offer. We have also provided Android applications for various utility purposes during events, including monitoring of attendee activities in order to maintain a fair distribution of activities between attendees.


moltis has twenty years of commercial experience in creating and managing websites and website templates for clients across Europe.

From fashion blogs to catalogues to inventory display to cart systems to auction sites, moltis has a wide range of website experience.

Technologies employed are commonly PHP and JavaScript on a LAMP architecture. Other technologies used include BootStrap, WordPress, PayPal, SagePay, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and more. As well as design and development, moltis can also offer hosting services.


moltis has twelve years of commercial experience in creating Android applications for various purposes.

From minor utilities to event organisation tools to inventory management tools, the moltis team have produced a number of applications both under its own banner and for other organisations. The created applications are often highly-specialised for purpose, and these specialised applications are not currently available for generic use. Generic or custom versions of these applications could be created as could applications to cover any need.